Lynette (kidpeggy) wrote in daisypushing,

An interesting and thoughtful post (from someone I don't know) on Harry Potter that, while it is not quite a rant, certainly fits our purpose can be found here.

A challenge, therefore, which I highly doubt anyone will take, but here it is: rewrite a part of Harry Potter so that it's thematically consistent - either earlier stuff as YA, or later stuff as children's, or, for that matter, later stuff as true YA.

And kill off a character or two, while you're at it. Preferably Harry.

LYNETTE: Yes, I admit it, despite the huge flaws in the Harry Potter books, I am still a raving fangirl.
KURT: At least you don't write fanfiction.
LYNETTE: Well, I wouldn't exactly call it *fan*fiction...
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