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Bye, Nyssa.

Nyssa. The very stereotype of "shittily-acted Doctor Who tits-and-arse assistant". Anyone complaining about 'iterary characters'; she appears in several Past Doctor Adventures, so she's a literary plank as well as a television one. So yeah, she's irritating and horrible and deserves a painful death in a thousand dodgy fanwankfics. To that end:

Now on BBC 1, a brand-new two part adventure with Sylvester McCoy as Doctor Who.

Disclaimer un-necessary, as the BBC doesn't give a flying fuck about me using their characters as long as I'm not profiting from it.

(cue 1987-1989 title sequence and music)

Doctor WHO



"What's so special about this Eye of Orion place, anyway? It sounds dead boring."
The Doctor looked across at Ace and then flicked his eyes ceiling-wards in exasperation. "Look, Ace," he started, unbuttoning the top button of his white shirt and simultaneously pulling his already-looped tie over his head, "I've told you four times already. You'll be bored there for about fifteen minutes, and then your eyes will begin to open!" Ace snorted derisively. "Look. I need a holiday. So do you. We've had far too much action and adventure recently."
"Professor!" Ace interrupted. "Just because I blew up a few things..."
"A few?" asked the Doctor mockingly, beginning to roll his Rs. "As I recall, over the past few weeks, you have caused three large explosions, two smaller ones, and nine fires on the various planets we've visited. You've also nearly gutted your room and one of the larger laboratories in the TARDIS. You need a rest from blowing things up and I need a rest from trying to clean it up!" Despite his lack of height, he seemed to double in size and his presence filled half of the console room. Ace visibly recoiled and turned to face the wall.
"I'm sorry, Professor. Maybe I do need to relax a bit." She still sounded halting. The Doctor pulled his question-mark sweater over his head and walked round the console to stand by her side.
"Don't worry. You'll love it there. Trust me!" He gave her an exceptionally goofy grin and, as always, Ace failed totally to end up grinning back at him. Just then, the time rotor stopped with a faint *whump*. The Doctor wandered around the console again and flicked some switches. "Yep, here we are. Nice sunny day. As always." He half-turned and cast his eye at the hat-stand: both his light and dark-coloured jackets hung there above his umbrella. He appraised them closely for a minute, and looked to be setting himself for a long period of contemplation of the choices on offer, before Ace walked to the stand and threw his dark jacket and his scarf at him. He sighed again, not seriously this time, grabbed his hat and scarf from where they sat atop the time rotor and opened the doors. Ace grabbed the large picnic hamper sitting in front of them, and headed out. The Doctor cast a final look over the console room, placed his hat on his head, walked to the hat-stand and put his light jacket on instead, draped his scarf round his neck, grabbed his umbrella, and followed Ace out of the doors.

A few hours later, the Doctor and Ace lay on the grass near the edge of a small wood. The contents of the hamper had long been digested, and Ace was beginning to feel the itch to do something.
"Professor? I'm going to climb a tree."
"Really? That's a good idea." The Doctor smiled and indicated several large ones a short distance away. "I've been thinking. I feel like a little fishing when you get down from there." He saw her begin to form a complaint and headed her off at the pass. "You'd be surprised. I think I'm going to go back to the TARDIS and find my rod. You climb away."
"How long'll you be, Professor?" Ace was already halfway to the trees.
"Oh, not long. I'll be back before you know it."
Ace nodded at him and leaped at the lowst branch of the nearest tree. The Doctor smiled to himself, and then turned and headed back to the TARDIS, which he had parked over a nearby ridge several hundred yards away.
Ace neither saw nor heard anything as the TARDIS dematerialised.

The Doctor switched his jackets as the time rotor began to move. Once it had, he activated the screen. A man's face appeared on it; familiar. Deeply familiar. Too familiar The Doctor chucked and went to turn the screen off.
"What's the matter? Missed me? Or should I say, missed you?" The voice was deep and commanding.
"It's been far too long." The Doctor's voice was carefully neutral.
"Oh, please. You've quite clearly been taking a leaf out of my book. I must say, you dealt with Fenric rather differently than I would have done."
"Go away." Now the Doctor was dismissive.
"Oh, don't. I'm part of you. This is why we're doing this, right?"
The Doctor's temper flared. "Look, Valeyard. I have to live with you. This would be a lot easier if I didn't have to look at you and talk to you as well."
The Valeyard chuckled. "Oh, Doctor. You always were irritatingly flippant. If you didn't really want to do this, you'd never have listened to me."
"That's the point. I didn't. I had the idea and then you chose to interject yourself. Now kindly get off my screen before I remove you."
"Is that a threat?" The Valeyard's tone was mocking.
"No. Just a vision of the future." The Doctor reached over and deactivated the screen. He let out another sigh: this time, weary and tired. He pecked at a few controls and pulled an old armchair closer to the console.

The ship Terminus drifted on through space, heading for a rumoured outbreak of Lazar's Disease on a nearby planet. Nyssa had been on Terminus now five years; during that time, Terminus' engines had been rebuilt. It now travelled her area of the universe offering hospital care to all who needed it, specialising in the treatment of Lazar's. It had been a long day for Nyssa, and she was walking back to her room. She opened the door, walked in, and was confronted by an all-too-familiar blue police box. Her jaw plummeted.
"D...D...Doctor?" Her voice remained flat: her heart was beting a mile a minute. She stepped up to the TARDIS door and pushed it experimentally. It opened. She tiptoed through. "Doctor?" she called again. A small man turned from the console and greeted her a Scottish brogue?
"Nyssa! It's been far too long!" The Doctor threw his arms around Nyssa and gave her an enormous hug. Nyssa barely reacted until the Doctor released her and took a step back.
"You've regenerated" she said, trying to sound casual.
"I have" said the Doctor, proudly. "Twice, in fact. This is my seventh. You knew the fifth; and the fourth as well, briefly."
"Doctor!" It was all Nyssa could manage. "What are you doing here?"
"Oh, you know. I got bored after a few hundred years without seeing you and decided to drop by. See how you were getting on. Would you like to see your room? It's still as you left it."
Nyssa stuttered a bit, and then wordlessly wandered out of the console room door into the TARDIS corridors. The Doctor smiled after her, and then set the TARDIS moving again just before he followed her out.

On the Eye of Orion, Ace was just reaching the top of her third tree, completely lost in herself.

Nyssa and the Doctor wandered back into the console room. The time rotor was still. The Doctor smiled to himself and opened the doors.
"Well, Doctor, I have to get back. Got to get my sleep in: long day tomorrow." Nyssa smiled at the Doctor.
"No worries. If you need me, just whistle!" The Doctor smiled back and walked round the console to open the doors. "Goodbye again, Nyssa."
"Goodbye, Doctor."
Nyssa walked out of the TARDIS. The Doctor smiled widely this time, closed the doors, and set the TARDIS moving again.

Nyssa turned from the doors to her room. Except she wasn't there. She was somewhere else entirely. A grey sky. A barren wasteland, except for a large metal building on the horizon. She started, hearing the TARDIS engine start up; too late she dived for the door, and the TARDIS dematerialised, stranding her. She picked herself up, appraised the options, and decided to head for the building. She had not gone two hundred yards across the sandy ground, however, before she spied five figures walking towards her that filled her with dread. Silvery-metallic. Humanoid, but ovbiously not human. She screamed "Adric!" reflexively, then turned and ran. The figures were getting closer. The figures she had seen once before, who had taken a friend from her.

Cybermen. She was on Telos.


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